QuickShifter DUCATI 916 1994 - 1998 Shift power

QuickShifter DUCATI 916 1994 - 1998 Shift power

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We are proud to offer a racing solution which delivers the capabilities of a professional racing electronics to your motorcycle no matter if it's racing build a track-day use or an everyday ride!

With a great passion for motorcycles and racing in our mind we have developed the Full Race Unit system to advantage every person who loves racing and would like to get the most of it in the simplest possible way! In most cases if you're here reading this you're not a big bucks sponsored professional racer (if you are we get a compliments for it) but if you're not, that does not mean you have less passion for motorcycles or racing, it means you are to the right place!

  • The Full Race Unit Quickshifter feature is a highly sophisticated which enables full throttle, part throttle, mid corner, wherever you want a smooth and fast gear shifts without the use of a clutch or backing off the throttle - this is the best quickshifter we make!
  • The Full Race Unit pit limiter feature will restrict the motorcycle speed to a user preset value by a simple press of a button, particularly suitable for use in endurance racing, track-days, or even city mode for speeding cameras!

Ducati - 916 SENNA 1995 - 2001

WARRANTY TERM All products of the SHIFTPOWER brand are subject to a strict quality control and have a total warranty of 1 year, as long as the assembly is done in an accredited workshop trusted by the customer or workshop with which we have a partnership. In case of assembly by non-accredited personnel, moto-pecas.pt does not offer any type of support or technical assistance for defects, problems or malfunctions thereof.
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